Dahlquist DQM-9c

                                                                     Dahlquist DQM-9c Parts
                       The following DQM-9c parts are available at our online store:
                                                                   Upgrade Kit


                                                                   Fuses: Tweeter AGC .75 (replaces AGC .8) 
                                                                   Fuses: Main AGC 3

                                                                   Grille Cloth

                                                                   Owner's Manual

                                                  Dahlquist DQM-9c Rebuild Service
            The following DQM-9c components should be shipped to our facility for a rebuild:
                                                                   DQM-9c Tweeter
                                                                   DQM-9c Midrange
                                                                   DQM-9c Woofer

         As with all high-end loudspeakers, speaker drivers should be purchased or rebuilt in pairs (matched set).

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